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Tips on Meridian....

  • These are applications of meridian theory both diagnostic and therapeutic and its related concepts as both bio-informational and bio-energetic medicine.

  • It is precisely for this reason that diagnostic and therapeutic procedures based on meridian theory are successful at approaching the body holistically

  • It is the most sophisticated modern functional diagnostic system, which is safer and more comprehensive, versatile, and relatively cost effective.

  • It is contributing substantially to the improvement of functional diagnostic field, thereby opening a new horizon to preventive medicine

  • As the modern variant of the traditional medicine, it offers you not only functional diagnosis but therapy through the advanced electro-acupuncture.

  • It is a new concept of functional diagnostic method, enabling you to avoid patient's complaining about pains whose cause mostly you are unable to discover.

  • With its solid theoretical foundation in traditional oriental medicine and modern physics, it is perhaps the most "modern" medical methodology available today.


                                                           About  BDR (beauty defect repair)....

  • BDR is the result of many years of research and is applied world-wide in certified institutes.

  • This method is based on the findings to bring the active agents there where they act.  The skin has a natural protective function that more or less hinders the penetrability of the applied cosmetical products.  By means of micro perforating of the upper skin layer the active agents reach in fact the active skin cell layer.

  • The activation of the body-own collagen synthesis is especially activated (Cit Dr. Nadja Nek).  This leads directly to a lifting, a stabilization and to a structuring of the skin elasticity.  The treatment is absolutely painless.

The "beauty-defect-repair method is more efficient because only a few but exactly dosed products have to be applied.  This inevitably takes immediate effect to its ecological issues.

Recommended by doctors....

  • This absolute world novelty is unique in its  effect.   Firstly the elasticity of the skin is renewed immediately and secondly, dermaceutical products are quickly transported into deeper skin layers by means of a combination with special and unique techniques.  (Dr. P. Holzschuh, MD, plastic esthetical surgeon, Karlsruhe)

  • The face treatments we made with BDR instead of using the common cosmetical treatment, showed clearly better results than any conservative cosmetic facial treatment has achieved so far.(ologistDr. M.E.Cornely, MD, Dermatologist, Dusseldorf)

  • Beaut-defect-repair opens a new treatment spectrum.  There are for example some facial areas which can be treated with BDR but can hardly be reached by injection treatments.  A further positive side effect is the induction of endogenous collagen synthesis.  For the customer who refuses such operations it is an excellent alternative to reach lifting treatment results and a beautiful skin appearance.(Dr. Nadja Nek, MD, plastic esthetical surgeon, Heidelberg)





  • Sun Eui made me feel comfortable right away. I had a weight problem that was interfering with my life. Sun Eui had an amazing technique that produced results much quicker than I anticipated. I have been working with Sun Eui twice a week and now feel much better than ever. Thanks!
    - Linda L.

  • When I injured my shoulder from snow skiing, I had to get surgery for the broken bone. After the shoulder healed, the pain kept me up at nights even with the pain medications. Thanks to Sun Eui's amazing technique, I am now able to sleep and put my socks on my own. I am progressing much quicker than I expected.
    -Charles W.

  • I had chronic neck pain over six month. The pain was so bad that I could not sleep at nights. I had one session with Sun Eui and it relieved the pain completely. Thank you.
    -Sandra S.

  • I couldn't move my neck when I get up, so visit to Dr. Sun Kim.  After acupuncture treatment I can move my neck front and back also right and left almost normal, it is amazing!!  It is not first experience with her, 5 years ago I had same problem.  At that time Dr. Kim said, your body so cold and imbalanced.  I've got treated one time with herbal medicine.  In a month I've got baby, he is 4 years old now.  Thank you  again Dr. Kim,... your hands miracle...   -Olga F.


  • I had low back pain for a long time due to scoliosis. I went chiropractors many times but the pain kept coming back again and again. One of my friend referred to Dr. Kim. My pain disappeared almost 80 % at first treatment. After 8 times of treatment Dr. Kim recommended to take an x-ray to check the scoliosis status.     My back set straight and pain did not come back again now for a year. I strongly recommend Dr. Kim if you have back pain.   Michael P.